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Our mission is to assist people of all ages in becoming the greatest version of who they are meant to be by living lives filled with joy, happiness, and fulfillment, through healing, creativity, and spiritual awakening.

We've trained thousands of students in our Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing Certification Courses. We have a vast assortment of Multi-day Hypnotherapy Programs & Guided Meditation Courses, and we've conducted thousands of private Coaching & Mentoring Sessions.

With methods and techniques that are gentle and safe, we're committed to supporting your long-term healing and growth.
Connecting to the Divine Within

Coming June 12, 2022!

LIVE Two-hour Online Retreat

Come join us in this rare mind-blowing no cost retreat, where we'll help you connect to the amazing Life Force Energy and experience its life-changing benefits.

5 International Expert Healers Helping You:

  • Access Higher Levels of Consciousness
  • Experience Deep Inner Peace
  • Tap Into Soul Stirring Wisdom
  • Activate Spiritual Awakening

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Clinical Hypnotherapy Master Certification Course teaches the exciting and dynamic modality of profound and deep inner healing. In this six-part course, you’ll learn everything needed to set up and run your own professional practice, from the essential basics to advanced issues, through video courses and live webinars.  If you're interested in a magical and meaningful new career, additional tools for your existing career, or personal life enrichment, then this course is for you.

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Individual Courses ($47)
Part 1Introduction
Part 2Techniques
Part 3Professional Insights
Part 4Advanced Issues
Part 5Demonstrations
Part 6Clinical Experience
Clinical Hypnotherapy Master Certification Course Bundle - All Six Courses at 20% Off

*This course is registered with CRKBO, which is an international Central Short Register for Professional Education. The register includes institutions that comply with the quality code for training institutions for short professional education.
Energy Healing Certification is two-part certification series.

Part 1 will take you through an amazing energetic preparation process. As the course progresses, you will actually raise your personal energy vibration to align yourself with, and experience, Universal Healing Energy.

Part 2 will take you through basic exercises and introductory techniques and open your internal doors to the fascinating world of Energy Healing. By the end of this course, you will be prepared to conduct your own Energy Healing sessions.

Can you imagine what your life will be like when you have the ability to tap into the best of your healing abilities.... any time you want (or need to) - instantly for the benefit of yourself and others?

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Individual Courses ($47)
Part 1 - Preparation
Part 2 - Techniques
The Complete Master Course Bundle - Both Courses at 20% Off
Multi-day Hypnotherapy Video Programs are geared to help you get the most out of life by addressing specific areas of healing. These programs are specifically designed for you to defeat your challenges, attain enduring joy, and seek a clear path to putting your life back on track. That's exactly what these programs will do for you.

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Individual Courses ($47)
14-day Depression Detox Challenge
14-day Deep Relaxation & Stress Relief Program
Healing Anxiety & Fear, A 12-day Professional Hypnotherapy Program
Weight Loss, An 18-day Professional Hypnotherapy Program
Healing Anger & Rage, An 11-day Professional Hypnotherapy Program
Healing Abandonment, An 11-day Professional Hypnotherapy Program
Healing Unworthiness, An 11-day Professional Hypnotherapy Program
Healing Eating Disorders, A 12-day Professional Hypnotherapy Program
Guided Meditation Programs will guide you to master the art of deep relaxation and tapping into your inner wisdom to help you de-stress, heal unwanted emotions, enhance creativity, expand awareness, and awaken the spirit within.

How would you like to be able to access at will, a state of profound peace and focus, as soon as you’re done with a class so you can finally attain the enduring joy and delight you so rightly deserve – quickly and easily? Don't miss your chance to master deep relaxation and inner awakening.

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Guided Meditation Courses - Beginning ($47)
Guided Meditation - The Ultimate Guide for Beginners
5-Minute Meditations for Stressed & Busy People
5-Minute Meditations for Children
Guided Meditations for a Peaceful Night's Sleep
Guided Meditations for Cancer
Healing Grief and Loss
Guided Meditations for Past Life Regression
Guided Meditations for Problems & Solutions of the 21st Century
Guided Meditations for Spiritual Awakening, Part 1
Guided Meditations for Spiritual Awakening, Part 2
Guided Meditations for Spiritual Awakening Bundle - Both Courses at 20% Off

Meditation Mini-Courses for Soul Evolution ($17)

Excerpts from Guided Meditations for Spiritual Awakening, Part 1


Interviews ($47)
Podcast - Hypnotherapy, Miracles, Mysticism & Darkness

2.5 Hours of True Stories from Master Hypnotherapist, Joseph Drumheller

Coaching, Mentoring & Healing

Here's What We Can Do Together

Deep Healing - If you're struggling with anxiety, stress, or depression, (like millions of people have in these uncertain times), then our safe and effortless techniques will guide you into blissful peace and energetic joy.

Creativity - Needing a boost in business, the arts, or science? Then let us help you access the power of your subconscious to delve into the deeper wisdom that lives inside of you. You'll be able to kick off new projects, problem-solve, and create dynamic insights to ignite your visions.

Spiritual Awakening - By tapping into the higher aspects of your being, We'll help you activate vibrational virtues to master your experience of consciousness and connect to universal energetic intelligence.

Check out the variety of programs and packages here to jet-start you into becoming the person you are meant to be!
JDH Academy
Joseph Drumheller

Founder, JDH Academy

Master Hypnotherapist

Health & Wellness Coach/Mentor

JDH Academy
Cassandra Pianetta

Licensed Marriage and

Family Therapist,

Empathic Healer

Frederike Axmann
Dr. Frederike Axmann

Veterinarian, Wellness Scientist,

Yoga Teacher,


JDH Academy
Anand N Rangaraj




JDH Academy

Ivan Bekaren

Founder, The Rebuild My Mind Project, Multi Artist, Guided Meditation Expert, Wellness Practitioner


Master-level Clinical Hypnotherapists, Regression Therapy Specialists, Mindfulness Practitioners & Life Coaches, Licensed Master Practitioners of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Coaches & Mentors, Psychologists [Master's Degree Specialization in Clinical Psychology & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)], Psychotherapists


Reiki Grand Masters, Chakra & Color Energy Healing, Mudras (Hand Postures) Energy Healer, The Oneness Deeksha


Yogasana / Surya Namaskara (Physical Postures / Sun Salutations), Sookshma Vyayama (Joints & Glands Exercise), Pranayama (Breathing Practices), Dhyana (Meditation), Yoga Nidra (Relaxation Practices)


Yogic Nutrition, Intermittent Fasting


Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy, Reiki, Yogic Science Practices, Oneness Deeksha


JDH Academy

A True Story of a Visitation from Guardian Angels #1

Joseph Drumheller with Tom Moore

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JDH Academy

A Personal Story of

Spiritual Awakening

Joseph Drumheller with Valeria Teles

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JDH Academy

What is the Divine to You?

Joseph Drumheller with Valeria Teles

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JDH Academy

Joseph's teachings…opened my eyes to a whole new world of healing. His approach is quite unique, as he has a spiritual connection, you can feel that throughout his sessions and teachings. I am very grateful to know that there are still people like Joseph on this planet…Juan Pablo Martínez Celaya

JDH Academy

I can honestly say Joseph's course was definitely one of the most beneficial courses I have taken. His technique is very unique, practical, and extremely effective. He covers a wide range of topics and he is very generous to share his experience…Shiho

JDH Academy

I wanted to tell you that I’ve taken a lot of courses…and yours are some of the best I’ve come across…I wanted to tell you personally how much these courses are going to change my life…Lauren Carter

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